Mumbai chooses Life

Thank you Mumbai! You have proven without doubt that you care for the safety of your loved ones. Thousand your family during any emergency by answering all your questions. Do register your family with TOPSLINE 1252 on 66403125 / 14 / 08. After all, when it is a question of life or death, remember, TOPSLINE 1252 or 9821531252 is the answer!

How is TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 different from conventional methods?

In TOPSLINE 1252 /9821531252, there is only one 4 digit number (1252)* /9821531252 to dial in any emergency situation whereas in conventional methods, you have to remember numerous and different numbers for multiple types of emergency situations. And besides, we reach you in a committed response time of 9 to 15 minutes flat! Tata users – call 1262

How much does the service cost me?

This much-needed service costs you only Rs.2200/-(Rs.183/- per month) per member per annum. Children under 5 years are enrolled free of cost. Call us for attractive schemes for your family at 66403125 / 14 / 08 now.

Do I have to pay any additional charge every time I call TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 for help

No! You can call TOPSLINE 1252 /9821531252 for any emergency and we will come and save your lives for no additional cost.

Do I get any additional discounts or benefits if I have a huge family or if our society/building/association wants to register together in bulk?

Call us on 66403125 / 14 / 08. We will ask our representative to explain additional benefits.

What are the specific services that are covered by TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252?

TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 provides immediate rescue during any life threatening emergencies like Medical, Fire, Physical Attacks and Accidents at home, work place or on the streets of Mumbai, short circuits, gas leakages etc.

Is the service available outside Mumbai city limits?

Currently the service is available in Mumbai and its suburbs like Thane, Navi Mumbai (upto CBD Belapur) and Mira Road. Shortly we have plans to expand this much needed Life Saving service into other cities as well.

How will you make sure you will reach me in an emergency within committed time?

We have Life Patrols (2 wheelers) strategically positioned at every 3 to 6 kms radius within Mumbai city. All our 100 Life Brigades and Life Patrols are fitted with RTS (Radio Trunking System) and GPS (Global Positioning System) thereby allowing our 24X7 Command & Control Centre to instantly track them and dispatch them for your rescue operation. Thus literally, we are just around the corner from your house or office.

Do you have the state's support to offer this service?

Yes! We have the full support of the state Government. In fact, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde inaugurated the project on 17th August 2004 and Shri. Uddhav Thackeray, Executive President of Shiv Sena & Shri. Vinod Tawde, BJP General Secretary have also blessed TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 . As a matter of fact, we are working in tandem, hand-in-hand with the Mumbai police, fire brigade and medical authorities to ensure security & safety of the citizens.

In case of a medical emergency, can I get admitted to the hospital of my choice?

Sure! We have affiliations with almost all the recognized hospitals in the city that give the best of treatment. Being an Emergency Response Service, we will be transferring you to the nearest hospital in the locality with which we have an alliance. However you reserve the right to request transfer to a hospital of your choice in your vicinity.

Will you ensure availability of beds in the listed hospitals?

No! Our arrangement with our partner hospitals ensures preferential treatment for our members and immediate admission (depending on bed availability).

When I or my family members get admitted into the hospital for treatment, will we have to pay the hospital bills?

Yes! Once we complete our rescue operation and help get you admitted, all regular hospital and medical treatment bills/expenses will be borne by you.

Will I and my family receive training about TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 services and how to avail them?

Yes of course! On becoming a member, our Customer Relations team will personally speak to you and completely brief you on all areas of importance. However, should you have any queries of an urgent nature, our Customer Relations Team would be more than pleased to answer them wither by phone, fax, e-mail or you are welcome to visit us at our Command & Control Centre.

In case a call is received from a non-member will you respond?

Yes we certainly will but only after the individual pays our ‘per call charge’ for non-members. For enquiries pertaining to the same call on 1252 / 9821531252 . Conditions apply.

In case there is any damage done to my property while rescuing my family member or me, will you compensate us?

No! As you may have learnt, our mission is to save the lives of your parents, spouses and your children through our valiant efforts. We believe that materialistic assets like properties, vehicles, etc., have little or no value when compared to the value of a human life.

In case there has been no occurrence / incident during the covered period, do you offer No Claim Bonus for the subsequent period?

Although we wish you don’t get into any emergency situation, ever! However in case of non occurrence of emergency during the coverage period, we do not offer such no-claim bonus.

If I have a heart attack or an accident and I am alone, how will I be able to call?

In addition to making a call from your mobile handset or your landline by pressing your speed dial button, you could also trigger of an alarm by activating your wireless pendants or bracelets that will be shortly available for purchase from TOPSLINE 1252 /9821531252 .

If due to any unforeseen circumstance, your project gets shelved and you are no longer able to render this service, will you reimburse the subscription fees?

Yes we will! At the outset, let us reassure you that as TOPSLINE 1252 / 9821531252 is backed by TOPSGRUP©SM India’s leading Total Security Solutions™ group which has been in business for 40 years and is currently grossing over Rs. 8.76 billion, such a situation will never arise. However, if due to any unforeseen circumstances or acts of god, if TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 has to cease operations in Mumbai, we will refund the residual amount from the date of closure of services till the end of the agreement date.

What is the schedule for launching the same service in other metros?

We expect to launch our services in 5 other major metro cities shortly. The cities list includes Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune.

What kind of equipment does the vehicle have?

Our state-of-the-art Life Brigades are equipped with the most advanced medical gadgets like vital sign monitors, Auto External Defibrillator (AED), emergency resuscitation kits, spine boards, etc. All the TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 Life Brigades have hi-tech fire-fighting and rescue equipment like 30 feet high snorkels, fire proximity suits, water hoses, fire blankets, extinguishers and a highly motivated crew that can handle any crisis.

Is there a penalty for misuse of TOPSLINE service? How will you tackle prank calls?

Yes there is! The TOPSLINE 1252/9821531252 Emergency Response Service is a Life Saving service and any misuse of our services will result in diversion of our Life Brigades and crew and we may not be able to reach a REAL EMERGENCY in time. As this service is new in India, through our constant education and awareness campaign we are sure our members will realize the same. In case there is a misuse, the company policy will be to caution the prank caller in writing for the first time and the next time, the membership of that prank/bogus caller will be terminated and his membership amount forfeited. To avoid misuse, we would advice not to disclose your PIN number and keep your membership card safely.

Can I avail the services of Life Brigade for Hospital transfers?

No! You cannot avail the services of Life Brigade for Hospital transfers as we are an Emergency Response Service, that react only to Life threatening situations that require immediate hospitalization, a few of which are mentioned below:

  1. Cardiac Arrest
  2. Polytrauma (Road Traffic Accidents)
  3. Burns
  4. Acute Abdominal Distress
  5. Diabetic Coma / Hypoglycemic Coma
  6. Poisoning
  7. Complicated Pregnancy / Threatened Abortion
  8. Unconsciousness
Can I use the Life Brigade as a Hearse?

No! The Life Brigade is used in Life threatening situations to Save Lives and not as a Hearse.